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Welcome to Tomorrow's Money

Thinking about your financial future can be scary. However, it doesn’t need to be. My office has partnered with the NAST Foundation, a non-profit group, to help address many of the fears surrounding financial planning.

I want to give you the personal financial skills that can help place you on the path to achieving your financial goals such as paying for a child’s education, reducing your debt, buying a house or retiring comfortably. Through our partnership we looked at ways to give people easily-accessible information on personal finance concepts—including confidence, motivation, knowledge and the skill building tools necessary to begin saving and investing. And I believe we have achieved this goal.

No matter where you are financially the information contained within this web page will allow you to begin taking steps now for the future. Through our partnership with the foundation, we have developed kansas.tomorrowsmoney.org and the Spanish-language sister site kansas.ahorrando.org. Both sites provide comprehensive, one-stop-shop browsing for women, young people, Spanish-speaking Americans or anyone who may have recently suffered an unexpected change in their life such as the sudden loss of a job or death of a spouse. Plus, it will assist people who just need a little help getting a handle on their personal finances.

All the material on the site is presented in a FREE, easy to understand, non-threatening manner. The only thing sold on this web page is the peace of mind that I hope you will gain from the information. Click on one of the links to the right to begin, or click here to learn more about how to address personal finance challenges and opportunities facing others just like you.

So join me in planning for your financial future, today. The keys are here to unlocking the door…but only you can turn it!

Ron Estes
Kansas State Treasurer

National Association of State Treasurers Foundation

The National Association of State Treasurers Foundation is an organization devoted to improving the understanding of public finance. The Foundation supports a wide range of initiatives from conducting professional development for state treasurers and their staffs to educating citizens about sound personal financial management.